Est. 2010

Toto Cat Feeding & Cat Sitting for Brighton & Hove

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The Toto team provide our services 365 days of the year and all our prices INCLUDE any parking fees, open and close curtains, turn on and off lights, collect post and there are no credit card or debit card fees.


We can visit up to 3 times a day and we offer 2 types of services.


Service 1. 'Cat Feeding'  AM & PM (visiting between 5am-10.30am & 3pm-7.30pm)


We can provide up to 2 visits AM & PM which include litter scooping or changing, fresh water, fresh food, setting timer machines and cleaning bowls.



Monday to Sunday     -    £9 per visit (includes parking fees)



All UK Bank Holidays, Good Friday, Easter Sunday, 24th, 27th, 28th & 31st of December 2020    -   £14  per visit (includes parking fees)



Christmas Day (AM visits only on this day), Boxing Day and New Years Day (AM & PM available)    -   £18 per visit (includes parking fees)


Daily photo £1 - we send a complimentary photo usually on our first visit, some customers like a daily picture so we can happily provide this service.


Service 2. 'Stay & Play' once a day visit for 20, 30, 40, 50 & 60 minutes -  (visiting between 8am-6pm) see our dedicated page for full details about this service.


20 minutes £20  (visiting between 8am-6pm)

30 minutes £25  (visiting between 8am-6pm)

40 minutes £30  (visiting between 8am-6pm)

50 minutes £35  (visiting between 8am-6pm)

60 minutes £40  (visiting between 8am-6pm)


This service can also be booked in addition to any AM & PM cat feeds so that we could be visting up to 3 times in one day.


All Bank holidays including Easter Sunday add £5 for Stay & Play visits.


Other services and price charges:


Other Pets (food, water and hay) £1, Medication given to cats £1, Fish feed £0.50, Watering gardens £5 for up to 10 minutes, Home registration fee £9.


All other charges and T&C's are provided when new customers register online with us.