Toto Cat Feeding & Cat Sitting for Brighton & Hove

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This is a service available for our existing customers with 1-2 cats from the same household.


This service is suitable for mature cats, that are indoor cats and might require more 1-1 attention or company.


If your cat(s) have recenlty had a medical issue and requires more home from home attention then this could be the service for you.


Tina will make your cat(s) very comforatable in the comfort of her home.


We will only take 1 or 2 cats from the samehousehold at a time. No other cat(s) will be staying at the same time.


Once booked a 50% non refundable deposit will be required within 24hours due to the restricted amount of cat(s) we can provide this service for.


1 cat = £20 per day


2 cats from the same household = £30 per day


Cat(s) dropped back home or picked up by transportation = £10 per pick up/drop off


Food & litter tray(s) must be provided along with any other items such as favourite beds, blankets, scratch posts or toys.



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